Beth's Golf Tips

You already love to golf with your EWGA friends, and now we present an ongoing series of "Beth's Tips" tips and ideas to help you improve your game. You won't want to miss a single article, so check your Santa Barbara EWGA email each month for golf tips, game improvement strategies and ideas and instructions for using your golf handicap to your benefit. Be sure to check out the Rules Corner where you can test your knowledge to see if you really know the rules!
Jump start your game with Beth's tips!

  Where is your head, when putting? 
 By:  Beth Reinhold  (Local Member)
 I was golfing with a friend recently, who just had a putting lesson. One of the items
pointed out to her, during her lesson, was that she was standing too far away from
the ball and reaching with her putter. This in turn created a swiping motion at the
ball, as opposed to a relaxed pendulum type back swing and follow through.
 So, next time at putting practice, take note of where your head is positioned. Are
you standing with your head in an upright position and behind the ball? Or is your
head/eyeballs directly over your golf ball at address. Not only will this help with a
smooth pendulum type putting stroke, it will also give you a better visual line on
your putt.
 Keep swinging and keep your head down! Until next time, happy golfing.

Whats in your pocket

  When it comes to your pockets, keep it simple. 
 By:  Beth Reinhold  (Local Member)
 How many of you, during a round of golf, have walked onto the putting green and fumbled around in your pocket for your ball mark or ball mark fixer? Or you are on the tee box and you are searching for your tee. How many times have you reached for your ball marker, only to have the entire contents of the right pocket and then the left pocket fall out helplessly onto the green. Oops!! Darn!!
 I recommend a simple solution for knowing where all of your golf accessories reside. Pick a pocket, I use my right. And into this pocket should go the following items and only these items: one ball marker, one ball mark fixer, one long golf tee and one short golf tee. All of these items feel very different from one another and can easily be located in the pocket you have chosen. One pocket, one of each item, simple.
 As for requiring an extra marker, on occasion, you can use the one on your golf glove snap. Most golf gloves have them. If you use a ball marker on your hat, that’s even better. You have even less stuff in your pocket. Anything to help make this game simpler is a good thing. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to keep your head down! Until next time, happy golfing.

Ball Below Feet

  When the ball is below my feet, how should I play the shot? 
 By:  Beth Reinhold  (Local Member)
 An awkward lie is a stance that is not level with the ball. This can come in many forms and I would like to address “ball below your feet”. A ball is considered to be below your feet, when you stand on a side hill and the ball is down the hill from you.
 “Ball below your feet”-- First rule to remember when the ball is below your feet is to keep your knees bent. You will need to bend your knees or squat a little more than usual and maintain this knee bend throughout the swing. Take a practice swing to see if you are making contact with the ground. This will be how you gauge how much knee bend you will require. Choose the club according to your distance and your stance should be normal to the club you choose.
 Second rule is to keep your weight on your heels. The tendency with this lie is to fall forward during your swing, so keep your weight on your heels.
 Third rule is to aim slightly left of your target (for right handed golfers). The tendency with this shot is to push it to the right, so aiming slightly to the left will compensate for this slight fade.
 So, remember to “keep your squat”, “weight on the heels” and “aim slightly left” for this shot when the ball is below your feet. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to keep your head down! Until next time, happy golfing;-}